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World Jumping mission is to enable adults and children to safely get fit while having fun at the live streaming classes in studio or on demand at home. Developed in association with world-class fitness and medical professionals. Now chosen by the world’s leading health clubs, fitness studios and elite sports people as well as universities, schools, hotels and wellness resorts.

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World Jumping trampolines and training courses have proven health & safety standards; ensuring that all our clients at the classes will enjoy an innovative way of having fun whilst getting fit. The full body workout is recommended to all age groups and any fitness level. World Jumping trampolines are used for different training like HIIT, circuits and strength.
From the medical point of view, it has a very positive impact on all systems of the body and is therefore considered highly effective for all age groups.

  • Workout burns up to 900 calories, use around 682 muscles
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Low impact on the joints
  • Significantly reduce stress
  • Helps to move lymphatic system increase detoxification of the body
  • Restore pelvic muscle after pregnancy read more

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