Schools and centres that provide Rebound Therapy know of the huge potential benefits for students and service users. Currently, a common issue for many special needs schools and centres is that they can only provide sessions once or twice a week due to their number of students and only having one or two trampolines. And during holiday times, sessions stop altogether. Some schools and centres are not able to provide Rebound Therapy at all because they do not have the budget or space for a full sized trampoline. and World Jumping UK have worked together on Flexi-Bounce Therapy for Children and Adults with Additional Needs to find the solution for Making Therapy Fun – Every Day!
We have specially designed an orthopaedic quality rebounder called the Flex-Bounce, together with a programme of use and development, so that students and service users can benefit from Flexi-Bounce Therapy sessions in between their weekly Rebound Therapy sessions, and at home during holidays.
Flexi-Bounce rebounders and the development programme are designed for use by teachers, trainers, parents, carers, teaching assistants, physiotherapists, other healthcare professionals and sports coaches.

Flexi - Bounce Programme

Flexi Bounce Easystore

  • Flexi Bounce Easystore Rebounder
  • Online Training Course (suitable for staff or parent)
  • Rebounder Protective Cover
  • Free UK delivery
  • Price £570 (+ VAT)
Flexi Bounce Stackable

  • 11 Flexi Bounce Stackable Rebounders
  • In-House Training Course (up to 11 staff members)
  • 11 Rebounder Protective Cover
  • 1 Rebounder “Trolley Classic”
  • Free UK delivery
  • Price £5 960 (+ VAT)
Flexi-Bounce rebounders and the development programme are designed for use by teachers, trainers, parents, carers, teaching assistants, physiotherapists, other healthcare professionals and sports coaches. Schools and centres that are not able to provide Rebound Therapy, now have the opportunity to enable their students to receive many of its benefits by using the Flexi-Bounce Therapy programme. The programme complements Rebound Therapy perfectly and it can be provided in any convenient space; in the classroom, living room, bedroom, outdoors etc. Flexi-Bounce rebounders come with a certificated training course so that supervisors will know exactly how to provide the most safe, beneficial and enjoyable experience for the student.
Flexi Bounce Easystore
includes an online, certificated training course specially developed by – the governing body and international consultancy for Rebound Therapy.
Flexi Bounce Stackable Package
includes the training course, and when 11 or more rebounders are purchased, the training course will be provided In- house, where the tutor will come to your school or centre to deliver the training course.

Flexi-Bounce Easystore & Stackable Rebounders

World Jumping excellent high-end rebounders for therapeutic, remedial and rehabilitation use. The rebounders are of superior quality, made in Europe with German engineering and TUV SUD certification for quality, durability and health & safety.

The high-end rebounders with the handlebar specifically designed for transitioning and independence development bouncing exercises.
The rebounders consist of a classic rebounder, detachable handrail bracket and easily adjustable design handlebar and a protection cover for rubber rope and frame. The versatile Flex-Bounce rebounder model opens up a new and wide range of exercise possibilities.


Flexi Bounce Easystore and Stackable rebounders consist of a closed steel octagonal frame supported with 8 legs with excellent stability. Rebounder closed 2-mm-thick round steel frame which ensures long-lasting durability. The removable and height adjustable handlebar is easily attached and unattached.
The jumping mat is attached to the rebounder frame with a custom-made rubber rope. Flexi Bounce Easystore rebounder frame is supported by 8 straight/solid screw-up legs designed for great stability, with quick unscrew system which takes up little storage space.
Flexi Bounce Stackable rebounders frame is supported with 8 spider legs design for an easier way to store rebounders with low risk of damage.
Dimensions of the rebounders are 120cm/47“ diameter and 30cm/11“ height. Weight bearing capacity is up to 120 kg. and weight of the product is only 15 kg.
Warranty: rebounder frame 2 years, jumping mat 1 year or 250 hours, rubber rope 3 months.
World Jumping have developed a special “Protective Cover” for the rubber rope and frame to help assure the safety of users while on the rebounder.
Rebounder “Trolley Classic” is designed to store a maximum of 25 World Jumping rebounders. It makes an easy way to move rebounders around. It’s manufactured from the top-quality octagonal shape of steel frame attached to 4 set of trolley wheels. Rebounder “Trolley Classic” weight bearing load is 250 kg.


Flexi-Bounce Therapy can provide many of the huge numbers of benefits of Rebound Therapy, for children and adults across virtually the whole spectrum of disabilities and additional needs.


In House Training