World Jumping Federation

Licencing Fee & Advantages

WORLD JUMPING FEDERATION (WJF) is an association of individuals, companies and sports clubs with a single goal – to expand and protect WORLD JUMPING FEDERATION in accordance to WJF regulations.

WJF members are legal subjects and companies. WJF registers and recognises:

a) Membership of a WORLDJUMPING instructor
b) Individual membership
Membership begins by filling and signing a WJF registration form and the payment of a membership fee approved by the Presidential Council for the next year. Membership terminated:

  • By a resignation of a member based on their written submission to the WJF council.
  • Automatically, due to failure to meet basic membership obligations. Specifically, membership terminated due to failure to pay a membership fee of €120 Euro per. The membership fee is payable up to 30 days after the term approved by the Presidential Council of WJF. Term to pay a membership fee set to 31st January of the year.
  • By being expelled, if a member violates WJF charter or otherwise jeopardizes the name and the mission of WJF. Expelling is subject to a resolution by the WJF council, and it is possible to withdraw from the decision and request a final resolution from the Presidential Council. Resolution of the Presidential Council is final.
  • By deceased or another form of termination of the legal subject that is a WJF member. Claims for a membership refund due to its termination by any reason are invalid.
Membership obtains professional training for instructors and coaches, direct assistance during custom WORLD JUMPING CENTER opening, discounted shopping in WORLD JUMPING SHOP, branded clothing, marketing promo and materials, training medias (music and instructional videos) and more and more – all at discounted prices or free (in spite of the current conditions).
The main purpose of WJF is to create a media-positive picture about FITNESS as a whole, modern and dynamically expanding area of the world economy.
WJF upholds, defends and protects interests of WORLD JUMPING PROGRAM in the world, as well as the interests of WJF members during all discussions with country representatives and other individuals and companies in our member countries. WJF is a member of and cooperates with the International Olympic Committee. WJF is an independent and non-political legal subject.
Secondary functions are to help improve the quality of services offered in the fitness sector, to actively help promote the benefits of regular physical activity as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle – preventing overweight, obesity and other diseases of affluence.
Primary objectives are to raise awareness of Jumping in the world, to help young people achieve a harmonic expansion of their lives by including an enjoyable physical activity, to expand and represent WJF in the world.
In House Training